Saturday, May 7, 2016

N e w   L o c a t i o n ! ! !

Our sailing venue has moved to the Rockland Harbor.  After a decade of being in Thomaston (Thank you Chris!) we are relocating to the Apprentice Shop in Rockland.  In addition to a great venue, there are also storage options.  The current price is $65 ($50 for storage and $15 for gas for the chase boats and other incidentals) for 3 season storage.  Winter storage and access are being evaluated too.  If you are interested in storage, please complete this form.

Our first race at the Apprentice Shop is May 22 @ 10am.  Future race days include June 5th and 19th at 9am.

As it has been a slow start to the season, we are pushing for a big turnout on the 22nd.  See you there.